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🌟The KB Story🌟

🌟 Our Journey to KB Painting & Refinishing: From Humble Beginnings to a Flourishing Business

Welcome to KB Painting & Refinishing! Our story is one of passion, perseverance, and paint. It began in 2019, in a small garage in Port Saint Lucie, under the most unexpected circumstances. At a time when the future seemed uncertain, we discovered our true calling.

The Turning Point 🌈

I, Braiden, was navigating the challenges of being recently laid off from a corporate job at AT&T. The timing was far from ideal—Kaylee, my wife, was 9 months pregnant with our second child, and our family’s needs were growing. In these trying times, Kaylee’s creative spirit shone brightly. She had refinished a desk, which was initially intended for my corporate office—a place I no longer belonged. Rather than let this beautiful piece gather dust, we decided to list it on Facebook Marketplace. The desk sold for $500 within hours, a figure that represented much more than monetary value; it was a glimmer of hope and a sign of potential that we could not ignore. 💡💵

Birth of KB Custom Creations 🎨

That very night, fueled by the surprising success and driven by our newfound purpose, we founded KB Custom Creations. Our mission was simple: transform and reimagine pieces that others overlooked, turning them into bespoke treasures for new homes. As we ventured into this business, each project brought with it a sense of accomplishment and excitement. 🛠️🖌️

Growth and Evolution 🌱

Then, the world changed with the arrival of COVID-19. As the pandemic held the globe in its grasp, it also paused the production and distribution of new furniture. This unexpected twist turned into a business boon for us. People started seeking ways to revitalize their existing furniture rather than waiting indefinitely for new items. Our garage-turned-workshop became a sanctuary where old, worn-out pieces were given new life. 🌍🚪

Our commitment to quality and our unique ability to connect with our community’s needs helped us rapidly grow a following. What started as a small Facebook page grew into a thriving online community of over 35,000 followers, each connected by a shared appreciation for rejuvenated spaces.

KB Painting & Refinishing: A New Chapter 📖

As our skills and services expanded, so too did our vision. In 2024, KB Custom Creations transformed into KB Painting & Refinishing, reflecting our growth into a full-service painting and refinishing company. Today, we handle everything from intricate furniture refinishing to comprehensive interior and exterior painting. Our offerings now include kitchen cabinet makeovers, detailed indoor paint jobs, and vibrant exterior painting services, each delivered with the same level of care and craftsmanship that started with a single desk.

Looking Forward 🔮

Every brushstroke is a promise, and every project, a story of transformation. We are deeply grateful for the support of our community and our customers, who have been instrumental in our journey. Your trust fuels our creativity and strengthens our commitment to excellence.

We invite you to continue exploring our journey, to see the before and after transformations that delight our clients, and to discover the potential of your own spaces. At KB Painting & Refinishing, your home is our canvas, and we are passionate about turning every project into a masterpiece. 🎨✨

Kaylee & Braiden, owners and founders of KB Custom Creations, now KB Painting & Refinishing.
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Why Choose KB Painting & Refinishing?

Choose KB Painting & Refinishing for unmatched expertise, exceptional quality, and personalized service. With years of experience and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we deliver superior results that exceed expectations. Trust us to bring your vision to life, transforming your space with precision and care. 

Expert Craftsmanship

Elevate your space with our expert craftsmanship, where attention to detail meets unparalleled skill. Trust our experienced team to deliver flawless results that stand the test of time.

Personalized Service

Experience personalized service tailored to your unique needs and preferences. From initial consultation to project completion, we prioritize open communication and collaboration to ensure your satisfaction.


Customer Testimonials

Richard Gagnon
Richard Gagnon
Todd Burgess
Todd Burgess
KB painting did such a great job refurbishing our kitchen cabinets. Would highly recommend.
Suanne Balch
Suanne Balch
I wanted a new bedroom set but was so disappointed in the quality of materials; veneers and pressed wood furniture in the local stores. I found KB Custom Creations and a beautiful solid wood set that they refinished to my custom requests from knob color to the top color. That was August 2022, and the quality of their work stands up. They still look new! I have contracted them to repaint my kitchen cabinets.
Lisa Langner
Lisa Langner
Wow gorgeous! Sooooo happy w my dining room set. Highly recommend. Thank you again for your great customer service and work.
jamie asaro
jamie asaro
Besides the top notch workmanship, the staff is an absolute pleasure to deal with! Kaylee is a delight! I would 100% recommend KB custom creations!!
Cathy Spahr
Cathy Spahr
KB Custom Creations pained my family room and den cabinets. They really took the time to make it look perfect and I'm very happy with the results!! Love the transfomation!! Thank you!!

Most popular questions

We offer a comprehensive range of painting services, including interior painting, exterior painting, kitchen cabinet refinishing, and more. Whether you're looking to refresh a single room or transform your entire home, we have the expertise to meet your needs. 

Scheduling a consultation or requesting a quote is easy! Simply reach out to us via phone, email, or our website contact form, and our friendly team will be happy to assist you. We'll work with you to find a convenient time to discuss your project and provide you with a detailed quote. 

At KB Painting & Refinishing, we pride ourselves on our expert craftsmanship, personalized service, and commitment to quality assurance. With years of experience and a dedication to customer satisfaction, we go above and beyond to ensure that every project exceeds expectations. 

Yes, we offer color consultations to help you choose the perfect colors for your project. Our experienced team can provide guidance on color selection, taking into account your personal style, existing décor, and the ambiance you wish to create. 

The safety and cleanliness of your home are our top priorities. Our team takes great care to protect your furniture, flooring, and belongings during the painting process. We use drop cloths, plastic sheeting, and other protective measures to minimize mess and ensure a clean, tidy work environment.